Professional accreditation for insurance brokers

The training programs are carried out according to the legal requirements provided by the Norms of continuous professional training in the field of insurance and private pensions issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority.


100 lei (price includes VAT)

Note: The investment does not include the examination or re-examination fee at the Institute of Financial Studies.

Who is it for?

Any person who wants to work in the insurance field and meets the legal conditions in the field.

  • students can plan the most convenient learning program, being able to access the courses from any location and from any terminal with internet access;
  • each student has between 10-30 days of study on the e-learning platform;
    each student can test their knowledge and can simulate the ISF / ASF graduation exam with the help of the course tests, which include over 1250 questions;
  • the student can follow his progress in real time and the marks obtained in the tests;
  • collection, verification and transmission of examination files for certification to ISF / ASF;
  • free issuance of the certificate of completion of the qualification program and / or professional training in the insurance field, if the conditions regarding the number of hours required by the CSA norms (current ASF) are met;
  • registration for ISF / ASF exams and, as the case may be, for re-examinations;
  • Knowledge of the legislative framework for carrying out insurance and insurance intermediation activities, including that relating to consumer protection, protection of personal data and preventing and combating money laundering.
  • Acquiring the basic concepts of insurance: the notion of risk and risk protection, participants in the insurance process, the type of insurance, the specifics of the main categories of insurance products, the insurance market, specialized institutions.
  • Assimilation of the basic principles of communication and negotiation in business, as well as of the sales techniques specific to insurance products.

In order to be scheduled for the ISF exam, the following conditions must be met:

  • performing at least 50 hours on the e-learning platform
  • complete lessons (parts of theory and tests)

The graduation certificate is obtained after taking the exam according to the ISF procedure. For details press access Evaluations section.

For details on scheduling exams, access the ISF website section Evaluations and select the type of exam for which the registration was made on the e-learning platform (CPA, CPExB, PCA, PCExB).

For details on the examination fee and the issuance of the graduation certificate, access the ISF website Valuations and Fees sections.

The course is open to individuals with their domicile or residence in Romania or in the European Economic Area, who hold a baccalaureate degree or, respectively, another equivalent document translated into Romanian and legalized.

  • Basic elements of the legislation specific to insurance and insurance intermediation activities and the specific terminology of insurance products – 10 hours
  • Principles of insurance activity – 6 hours
  • Professional ethics in the distribution of insurance products – 2 hours
  • Implications of special laws on insurance activity – 4 hours
  • Presentation of classes and types of general and life insurance – 16 hours
  • Basic principles for success in selling insurance – 12 hours
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