Daune Direct

Damages Direct is a team of specialists formed in order to defend the rights of people involved in accidents and to obtain the compensation they deserve.

In the Direct Damages system, a success fee is charged, in the form of a percentage of the amount collected, established from the very beginning.

No advance payments or other hidden fees! !

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How does it work?


What else does the RCA policy compensate?

For personal injury:

  • the expenses occasioned by the accident (transport, treatment, hospitalization, recovery, prostheses, etc. according to the medical prescriptions, proven with supporting documents);
  • income that a person can no longer obtain during hospitalization and medical leave;
  • expenses with carers during the incapacity for work, if this is recommended by the medical certificate;
  • moral damages.

For death due to a car accident, the following will be considered:

  • the expenses with the transport of the deceased person, the embalming expenses, the funeral expenses, including those for the tombstone, the expenses for the performance of the religious rituals;
  • moral damages (will be awarded to family members: spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents).