Professional qualification -5 reasons to invest in professional development

If you want to be surrounded by more opportunities in your career as an insurance agent / insurance broker, to gain more confidence, to have results both professionally and personally, it is important to invest in yourself.

This year brings you new opportunities, so why not take advantage of them?

The training programs are carried out according to the legal requirements provided by the norms of continuous professional training in the field of insurance and private pensions issued by ASF (Financial Supervisory Authority).


These courses are addressed to:

  • insurance agents for individuals and legal entities;
  • insurance / reinsurance brokers;
  • individual brokerage assistants;
  • the own staff of the insurance and / or reinsurance broker, whose main service is the intermediation of insurance and / or reinsurance contracts;
    employees of insurance companies involved in the distribution of insurance products;


Here’s why to invest in personal development:

  1. Create new connections

At some point it can be about advancing, improving skills, staying up to date with the latest trends in your industry. This way you get access to the resources needed for career development.

  1. Earn your self-confidence

As you gain new skills, you will become more confident. You will have more to say when you meet other people in your work area, so you will be more confident.

  1. Get new skills

Speaking in front of a large audience is a skill that is acquired. This is not about talent, but about the will to progress. You can invest in gaining new skills, thus differentiating yourself from the multitude of candidates on the market.

  1. Be open to change

Changes in the workplace often cause stress due to the uncertainties we have about our knowledge. Invest in yourself and you will easily and positively get over the tense moments.

  1. Amazing opportunities

When you benefit from professional training courses, you think of new and innovative ways to achieve personal and professional success.


The exam dates, at the end of the qualification courses, can be found in the table below.

Stop thinking! Do not deprive yourself of opportunities for both professional and personal development!

Let’s work together on how you can do things faster and more efficiently than before.