An insurance record in 2023

In accordance with the data provided by the Examination and Evaluation Department (DEE) of the Institute of Financial Studies (ISF), in the year 2023, a record of approximately 21,000 individuals acquired the right to practice or continued to work in the insurance sector. This remarkable surge in recruiting and certifying insurance professionals was made possible due to the sustained efforts of DEE, which successfully implemented an efficient and secure system for conducting the majority of online examinations.

Analysis issued by DEE regarding the situation of insurance brokers

According to the report on the status of insurance distributors issued by DEE, in 2023, 260 exams were conducted, of which 221 took place online and only 39 offline. Participation in the professional qualification exam totaled over 23,000 individuals from January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023, and the impressive number of 20,993 graduates attests to the commitment and success of the candidates. Detailed data analysis reveals that 60.76% of participants passed the initial professional training exam, while 39.24% represent brokers who completed a cycle of continuous professional training.

Out of the total certified individuals, 10,181 are insurance intermediaries, while over 2,300 are executives or leaders of legal entities in this field, according to data provided by ISF. These figures reflect not only the numerical growth of professionals but also the diversity and quality of training in this continuously evolving sector.

importance of insurance

The Importance of Insurance Today

In the current context, it is evident that insurance has become a necessity for most people, regardless of social status or type of activity. Whether it’s auto policies, such as RCA or CASCO, for home or life, individuals recognize their importance in the event of unfortunate incidents. Additionally, they become essential in travel plans, providing coverage for unforeseen situations when away from home.

Businesses also benefit from a variety of insurance policies, including coverage for property and construction protection, liability, or employee insurance, maritime, or agricultural. Thus, insurance has become a cornerstone in risk management and maintaining financial stability both at an individual and corporate level.

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