About us

Our objective is to offer an advanced professional training system to our insurance broker team that is mandatory in order to reach a high-performance level.
Dumitru Jitariu
CEO - Destine Holding SA
Destine Holding was founded in 2007

Destine Holding was founded in 2007, having as a main activity the training and continues development of DESTINE INSURANCE BROKER’s partners, the only company that existed at that time. Right from the start, our vision was to develop as many businesses as possible and to allow all high-value partners to become an actual business partner, meaning a fully entitled shareholder.

A business with people and for people

From day one, we considered this as a people to people business, who’s objectives can be easily achieved if it was to work as a team rather than separately. The founding members’ strategy was that other field related businesses might complete the insurance broker industry.

High-performance collaborators in the insurance field

It would have been unjust for our top partners not to become shareholders into this business and so, Destine Holding was created as a mother company for all businesses generated by our people with this company.

DESTINE HOLDING has grown from an idea to a common vision.

The first “baby” was DESTINE INSURANCE BROKER, followed closely by DESTINE PENSION BROKER.


To the question if the idea and the principle were correct, the answer is given by the fact that to the 19 founding shareholders of DESTINE HOLDING, in all these years another 56 shareholders were added, these coming exclusively from collaborators who successfully completed the DESTINE career system. INSURANCE BROKER, who have formed and have strong teams with them.

Destine Holding Group

They are “the heart” of our business and they generate and dictate the business model, they search for the solution and not the problem and they love the challenge and not the obstacle. This is why their participation and collaboration is living proof that “DESTINE” is an unique opportunity to transform a job into a regular business.

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