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Success comes where you mix opportunity and training.

You too can have a successful career in the broker industry if you choose to take advantage of the experience, information and the know-how we provide.

Destine Holding’s objective is to offer its broker assistants team the necessary support in order to achieve a high-performance. Our collaborators have access to a complete professional training system that compiles classic training methods as well as modern online methods.

Access our professional qualification and continuously training courses

The training programs are carried out according to the legal requirements provided by the Norms of continuous professional training in the field of insurance and private pensions issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Happy customers

Our main objective is to offer professional services, meaning that you don’t have to take any chances. Our customer’s requirements and benefits always come first. We will choose the best products for you.

Professional collaborators

Together we develop a successful business with over 10.000 nation-wide collaborators that enjoy the company benefits. Join our team on the road for financial independence!

National network

Take advantage of our nation-wide network because together we are much stronger. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can choose from over 70 locations where you can get information about your next courses.

Services offered:


Daune Direct

Daune Direct is a team of specialists formed in order to defend the rights of people involved in accidents and to obtain the compensation they deserve.


Daune Expert

Car insurers have at their disposal a car damage assistance service, through a smartphone application, launched by Daune.Expert.